SIMA Jujitsu Adults Self Defense / Jujitsu

Adult Self Defense Training is 630pm-8pm on Monday nights in our competition level dojo.


  • Self Defense Techniques taught

  • Beginner level classes available.

  • Great for corporate stress and focus

  • Learn life long skills with us.

S.i.m.a Jujitsu can teach you adults self defense. We train weekly on Monday nights and are a good option for working people looking to learn a martial art.


We have womens and mens beginners classes and can train you from a beginner level through to  shodan (1st Degree black belt) and upwards.

We offer a martial art system that offers a complete system with standing techniques with blocks and strikes, throws and grappling. We also teach weapon defense from a blue belt level.

Training with us is a great way for stress management in the workforce and to stay active. Adults fees are $50.00 per month and training is Monday nights 630pm -8pm.

We are a martial club that can work with people already training in other styles, we can teach you other aspects withour system that sport martial arts may not cover.


For any enquires click the call us button and we can discuss options for you.