#Skill in Martial Arts


 Martial Arts classes in Hamilton

 Weekly lessons for kids and adults in Jujitsu


Learn Self Defense from our registered instructors with the New Zealand Jujitsu Federation. We teach you well rounded self defense. This is great for students and adults. Learn from instructors with years of training. Women can gain a lot from our style as it uses physics to overcome strength.

Rob Pointon has been associated with Judo for years and has competition experience. He includes the judo side of our training and has experience in the art of Chin Na. This is a Chinese form of Jujitsu systems.


We train kids in our martial art system that gives them a well rounded self defense from bullying and gives them confidence and skills to increase their concentration. We teach groundwork, stand up skills and judo throws.

We offer, Freestyle Randori which will teach the skills of our jujitsu such as throws, locks,trapping, folding,pins,and groundwork. This is crutial so that students can gain experience and use their skills under pressure.

Hamilton registed Coach in Judo
Waikato Japanese Jujitsu
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Monday Weekly 630pm-845pm
Or by Appointment
9 Pembroke St, Hamilton